It was the first time in a long time I could stand to listen to Coldplay. Because Chris Martin wasn’t f-cking around with his falsetto. Until the very end. And that’s why. If you watched, you know what I mean. The clip is below. He also wore the same striped toque that Gwyneth had on the day of that minor car accident when London was all snow and ice. Click here for a refresher.

What’s in a hat?

Well, it’s a sign. After he allegedly messed around with Kate Bosworth, which he vehemently denied, threatened to sue, and never did, Gwyneth has forgiven. All is right at their house. So much so that they’re making it even bigger.

As you know, they’ve been renovating after buying the place next door and turning the two properties into a McMansion, and now comes word they’ve purchased a third, images are attached, to make that sh-t even more bigger. Yeah that’s bad grammar but that’s also what they’re doing. More bigger.

Apparently the neighbours are hating on the plans and the fence and the celebrity flaunt and maybe she’s building him a studio so he doesn’t have to be too far away, where she can’t see what he’s doing? That or some kind of GOOPy kitchen where she can make her salads and kumbaya over the organic lettuce. It’s a very twee life.

PS. His pants, his boots, this is the most stylish I’ve seen him.

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