The mop is gone! Chris Martin was sighted in London yesterday freshly shorn and actually kinda cute. This is for my friend Michelle C who met him backstage at the Juno Awards 2 years ago and lost her mind.

While rumours continue to swirl about Chris’s marriage to my Gwyneth, her rep insists they make a point of never being seen together publicly and so speculation of strife stemming solely from the absence of photographs is said to be unfounded.

However, many in London are insisting that he allegedly cheated on her a few months ago with a civilian.

Even still…I’m told they were spotted on several occasions enjoying low key meals in out of the way, pap-free areas and seemed fine.

Gwynnie has a stiff upper lip. And this is a girl raised to see the big picture above all. A few infidelities will not rattle a true snotty ice princess, savvy?

Having said that, here’s to hoping he’s working on some new music. And not of the elevator variety. The last album , while initally appealing, was entirely forgettable. Coldplay needs to bring it. And Chris needs to cut that soprano sh-t fast. Dude, I love you, but you are not Thom Yorke.