Chris O’Dowd and Dawn O’Porter named their baby son Art O’Porter, and here is the picture they tweeted of him:

Come on!

Usually I don’t comment on last names, because the acquisition of those is less a choice by the parents than an inheritance from generations and generations before them, but choosing O’Porter makes a nice balance to lovely Art. May I gloat? I’ve been preaching Arthur for months now, not least because Art is charming and cute and applicable in almost any situation.

The other function of this neat name, though, is that it makes you go “wait, who’s O’Porter”? The answer is author of nonfiction books, novels, columnist, TV host, and defender of vintage clothing. 

Oh, and Chris O’Dowd’s wife.  

So there. Now you’re primed to have another new couple crush, since you already loved Chris O’Dowd and his wife is amazing and an amazing namer.

Art! Get on board!