We would all rather a Brange/Aniston-Theroux wedding off over an anti-climactic Labour Day weekend situation, right? Please Gossip Genie. Let it play out that way instead. No matter when it actually happens though, there’s no way either couple will release a wedding portrait as awesome as this one. If only.

Chris O’Dowd married Dawn Porter, a television presenter, the other day. It was not a Hollywood event, as evidenced by this “Just Married!” photo that he posted on Twitter and I LOVE IT SO MUCH I can’t stop looking at it.

It’s the expression on his face like he’s about to do a duck pout if the picture had been taken half a second later. And then the hand? I’m married now, bro...whaaaa? Also I really like his hair here and he looks really hot and how does she wear that onesie so well?

Attached - a few photos of Dawn and Chris at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in May because I’m obsessed with that green dress.