And not William and Harry.

This is the set of Into The Woods in England. And that’s Billy Magnussen who plays Rapunzel’s prince with Chris Pine who plays Cinderella’s prince. These princes costumes are kinda rock’n’roll, non? And these two actors are certainly very…princely. Like they walked out of the books. Like what you’d imagine if someone walked into your face and shouted PRINCE right at it. And casting like this only perpetuates this. It restricts us. It restricts ME, a Chinese person who doesn’t envision a Prince as someone who might look like me, have my hair colour, the same skin tone – even I associate that word, even when they’re part of a FAIRY TALE, with being white.

Here they had an opportunity to actually encourage us to imagine that it could look different. And instead, I’m looking at the thumbnails of the cast on IMDB and it’s not different at all. Sorry. I’ll shut up now.