Chris Pine has been working on a movie in New Zealand called Z For Zachariah. According to local reports, he was arrested on March 1 after a wrap party. Though police won’t confirm it’s him, sources say he was charged with drunk driving. So far no word from his publicist but if it wasn’t true, I’m thinking there would have already been a denial issued?

So, the good news, if there can be any good news?

He didn’t ask the cop “do you know my name? do you know who I am?”

The bad news…

Drunk driving, again. F-ck! My position on this is that it’s attempted murder. I also don’t understand why these people insist on driving themselves. Maybe it’s just me. Because if I can get a ride, 10 times out of 10 I will take the ride. When you’re driving you can only do one thing: drive. When you’re a passenger, you can still rush out a blog post, finish a book, reply to emails, listen to your mother bitch at you, play minesweeper, and NAP!

“Oh but I want to be able to do something for myself.”

There are a lot of things you can do for yourself. You can read. You can exercise. You can learn. You can build. When did driving become the end all and be all of self-sufficiency?