Chris Pine has a new girlfriend. Here he is in Paris a few days ago with Iris Bjork Johannesdottir, a former Miss Reykjavik, according to reports out of Iceland. Looks like Chris was caught up in the romance of the city. These shots look straight out of a movie. The double hand around the face kiss and the look of want that precedes it – perfect choreography, right? Is this the advantage that actors have over regular dudes? Since they’re “taught” how to stage-kiss, do they real-kiss better?

I’ve only been kissed once by an actor: Shemar Moore. It was during an interview in an elevator. And I asked him if he’d ever done an interview in an elevator and what was the craziest thing he’s ever done in an elevator and suddenly he was leaning in, with both hands reaching for my face, just like Chris Pine.

So, knowing that that’s the “move”, and that they all kinda do it, does it work more for you or does it work less for you?