Please scroll down and hit VIEW MORE if you missed yesterday's Sexiest Man Alive posts. My runner-up prediction this year is Idris Elba. My prediction proper is Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Heard from a few of you afterwards that Chris Pratt was an oversight. Sure. Of course. Chris Pratt is undoubtedly a contender. But I thought, I hoped, that after all the conversations that have been happening in entertainment and pop culture, especially over the last 18 months, a pop culture magazine would make a choice that might reflect the spirit of those discussions. And then, well, we were reminded that maybe those discussions happen in a vacuum. And, maybe, the discourse and engagement hasn't had the impact that was hoped for. Maybe I was a stupid c-nt for forgetting who PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive is for. PEOPLE cannot alienate the MiniVan Majority. Especially not now.

Arguments for:
-Chris Pratt should have been named the SMA two years ago, when it was Chris Hemsworth
-He wouldn't turn down the invitation, nor would he be advised to by his management. There's no downside for him in wearing the crown.
-He is a major star who's been on a three year run that few actors can match
-All-American, decent, kind, charming, devoted to his wife Anna Faris, and scandal-free.
-Chris Pratt is hilarious. And goof is a big part of his personality. Which means the silliness of being Sexiest Man Alive would only complement his reputation. 
-Passengers is his next major release, opening at Christmas, co-starring his female counterpart, Jennifer Lawrence. The publicity works in his favour.
-In the history of PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive all but one have been white men. The magazine's core would hardly object to keeping the streak alive.

Arguments against:
-It's another Chris. There are a lot of Chrises. Evans, Hemsworth, Pine, Pratt. And all of the same-ish mold and mood. This wouldn't exactly be an inspired choice.
-Again, in the history of PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive, all but one have been white men. Will PEOPLE want to break the streak?

F-ck. At this point, anyone but Timberlake.

Odds: 3 to 1 

Attached - Chris Pratt promoting Passengers in Mexico City last week.