The Jurassic World press tour is fully engaged in advance of the movie's open this weekend, which means that Chris Pratt, the Internet's new boyfriend, is out and about, doing his duty as the face of this would-be franchise. So far, he's doing a better job than the Internet's other boyfriend named Chris, Chris Evans, just by keeping a lid on the pep while on the job. It's impossible not to like Pratt, and one of his best tricks is managing to remain engaging while giving the same answer over and over. Case in point, check him out on The Graham Norton Show over the weekend, telling a story he's told before about his first headshot--he's just as enthusiastic about this story as the first time he told it on Fallon. That's not a skill every actor has. The Norton video is embedded below. Click here to watch back the Fallon appearance.

Pratt pretty well crushed it on Graham Norton, and Norton was clearly delighted to have such a game guest. Everyone on that couch developed a Pratt crush--look at how Jude Law is looking at him! Check out this clip of him doing an English accent and impressing the hometown crowd. I now want Chris Pratt to appear in an English comedy. Get on that, Stephen Merchant.

As for Jurassic World, I'm starting to suspect this movie will be awesomely bad. A new clip shows Pratt's character backing down a trio of raptors with the power of stares. I do like how the one raptor tries to get behind him while he's staring down the other one, that's a nice nod to Clever Girl. But goddamn this whole concept is completely stupid. They're DINOSAURS. They aren't tigers you can (reasonably) tame. They're prehistoric monsters who dominated the food chain by being the best killing machines. We hit apex status by being the smartest, but dinosaurs didn't need to be smart. They had giant teeth and only knew murder, to the point that the rest of nature just f*cking surrendered. So don't tell me one dude and his stares can hold off millions of years of evolution screaming, "Kill it till it gives up."