As noted in the previous post about Prince Harry, Jimmy Kimmel will reveal the Sexiest Man Alive on tonight’s show. And my prediction – which took no skill at all – is Chris Pratt. Click here for a refresher. As GQ says on its new issue, Chris Pratt “killed it” this year. And, yes, he is the Man of the Year. Or at least one of the men of the year.

Still trying to decide whether or not this hurts his SMA chances. But then again, I don’t think GQ and PEOPLE are direct competitors. The article is a good read. Because Chris Pratt gives good interview. He’s almost too honest – about the guns, and the hunting, etc – but none of the details he reveals about himself seem… threatening or douchebaggy. So he’s either really, really good at this game or he’s just so real, and this is rare in this business, you don’t want to hold it against him. How can you? He’s so goddamn nice. He touches a stranger’s ear wax. He farts in symphony. He’s hilarious when Siri doesn’t recognise his code name for his wife.

Nick Offerman likes him.

I mean if that’s not enough justification…

As the writer points out in the opening paragraph of the piece, “That guy looks kind of cool. So many actors seem like cocks, but I would hang with that guy!”

Yeah. Totally. I’ll retell a story I’ve told before about the time I hung out a little with Chris Pratt. It was a the Winter TCA three years ago. I was outside having a cigarette and he came to bum one off of me. And stayed to talk, even though I told him, “you don’t have to stay to talk”, he did it anyway, either because he just wanted to shoot the sh-t over a smoke or because he’s the kind of person who believes you don’t just grab a smoke from someone and leave them alone in a corner – which I never had a problem doing in my smoking time.

At the Hollywood Film Awards on Friday, Chris Pratt walked around the ballroom introducing himself to some of the people in the industry he admired, so excited, so endearing, so not the guy who had two mega movies in one year, works on a critically acclaimed television show, and is about to blow it open again in 6 months in Jurassic.

How can it not be Chris Pratt on the cover of PEOPLE tomorrow?

Click here to read the GQ article on Chris Pratt.