As part of his cover feature in June’s GQ, Chris Pratt filmed a little comedy segment for the internet in which he gives acting lessons, except he got hammered and started the bit by saying he’s too drunk to do the bit. He then proceeds to do the bit while being obviously three sheets to the wind. In the words of the late, great Colonel Sanders, he’s too drunk to taste this chicken. This is the power of Chris Pratt—something that might get side-eyed from someone else is just part of Pratt’s charm. Now more than ever, he comes across as the fun, friendly guy you want to get a drink with. Unless that drink is Fireball Whisky because GROSS.

Serious question—how far will Pratt have to go to alienate people? The Avengers: Age of Ultron press tour was semi-disastrous and it resulted in an unprecedented amount of backlash for Marvel, which has been pretty unassailable in the court of public opinion. But the Avengers found the public’s tolerance line and proceeded to stampede enthusiastically over it. At this point Pratt is one of Marvel’s few high-profile stars who isn’t on The People’s sh*t list. Do you think he can sustain that, or will a Chris Pratt Backlash catch up to him?

Attached – Pratt covers the new issue of Entertainment Weekly.