Someone yelled at me over email today about how there’s not enough Chris Pratt on the site. Fine. But there aren’t always fresh pics either. You people sure know how to conjure your favourite celebrities…


New photos of Chris Pratt!

EVERYONE loves Chris Pratt right now. He’s like the Jennifer Lawrence of 2012. Except he’s older. He’s been at it a lot longer. He’s worked at it, he’s hustled, he waited for his turn. And now, finally, it’s his turn. And, well, you get the sense that he really appreciates it, non? That’s he’s not going to turn into some kind of sunglass wearing, hold-his-hand-up-in-your-face asshole?

I only have one Chris Pratt story and I can’t remember if I’ve told it before so if I have, I’m sorry, but it was maybe the one time where I texted Sarah and she wrote back “F-ck you, I’m jealous”. It was at the Winter TCAs a couple of years ago in Pasadena. He was there for Parks & Rec. I was outside having a cigarette. He came to bum one from me. Then instead of walking away, even though he knew I was a reporter, he stayed and made small talk. And he was soooooo nice. Even his publicist was nice. I tried to edge away, because I didn’t want him to think I was one of those people. He made a point of saying, “You don’t have to leave, you were here first and please don’t think I wouldn’t want to talk to you because this is great, unless you think I’m a weirdo, if you do, I understand if you want to go”. I don’t know how you can dislike someone after that.

So anyway, here’s his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. And if that’s not enough, he was visiting children’s hospital today and was sweet and generous with fans. There are a LOT of famous Chrises these days: Pine, Hemsworth, Evans, so many. Pratt is totally my #1.