Chris Rock has filed for divorce from wife Malaak. They’ve been married for 19 years. I didn’t even think of it when he showed up for the Top Five premiere without her. I do remember wondering while I was watching Top Five if I found him attractive. Then I got distracted being attracted to Rosario Dawson. Which… I mean he did joke to Jon Stewart during their interview that he certainly didn’t mind his love scenes with her. Not that Rosario Dawson had anything to do with it. But there was that messy business with the paternity claim and the private investigator, you remember? Click here for a refresher. I can’t imagine that would have been easy on Malaak.

This is not the first time the Rock marriage has been troubled. In late 2006 there were rumours that they were breaking up and then just a couple of months later the tabloids reported that he may have fathered a love child with a woman in Atlanta. He submitted a DNA test that proved he wasn’t. Click here and here for more on that. So he didn’t make all those babies but… I dunno, does it seem like he may have been in the neighbourhood?

Page Six is now reporting that Chris has hired a prominent divorce lawyer and that this might be a sign that things are about to get ugly. In their respective public statements so far (click here to read them) they seem to be staying civil. So far.