Twilight cast and crew were over Vancouver yesterday (Thursday) – Dakota Fanning arrived and did some shopping downtown and her onscreen vampire bff and local BC boy Cameron Bright was also spotted heading out of a White Spot. Triple O! New Moon director Chris Weitz spent time with his beautiful wife (now that is a gorgeous face), a family outing, enjoying the world famous Vancouver Japa Dog in the afternoon.

Weitz was asked about the private screening for the cast etc that took place last weekend. It was a rough, unedited cut of New Moon. No score, obviously still requiring a lot of work. But he talked passionately about how impressed he was with his young actors. That they could all stand up next to the veterans he’s worked with. Said they were all amazing, surprised at how well they performed, and singled out Taylor Lautner as the one with the most potential out of them all.

About A Boy is one of my favourite movies. And Weitz did a kick ass job with the look of The Golden Compass. If New Moon the film combines the warmth of About A Boy and the spectacular of TGC, no doubt it’ll easily bury the budget cheese that was Twilight.

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images