Christian Bale in an Empire promo shot building hype around the upcoming Terminator Salvation which will go robot to robot against Transformers for summer box office supremacy. You likey?

That tape scandal seems to have simmered down though for many, it has permanently tainted goodwill towards Christian, and deservedly so. Not because he likes to cuss and yell, but because that need to publicly humiliate someone is almost as unattractive as the “Do you know who I am” card.

Last night my husband was playing NHL09 on Playstation. Something about a new patch, it’s made the game harder. Next thing you know: call that you goddamn c-nt mother-cker! F--------------------ck YOUUUUUUUU ref!

This is a video game. This is not real. But he’s shouting at his players now:

Come on Henrik! DO something! DO. F-CKING. SOMETHING!

And it’s forceful too. Teeth clenched, buggy eyes, sweaty upper lip…

For a normally mild mannered dude, it’s quite a departure. But also a release. Maybe Christian Bale should invest in a Playstation…?

As for where he was on Oscar night, word is he was asked to present and declined, preferring to stay underground until absolutely necessary when T Salvation press begins in earnest.

And finally, to answer those of you who’ve emailed to express disappointment about Heath Ledger’s omission from the In Memoriam section – Heath Ledger died in January 2008. The Oscars took place the following month. So he was already remembered then, in February 2008, at the 80th Annual Academy Awards.