Arguments for:

  • The total package: so much talent, so beautiful, not a cheesedick
  • Devotion to his wife and daughter make him so MiniVan sexy
  • The Dark Knight was a critical and commercial success, the biggest movie of the year so far with, some say, an outside shot at a Best Picture nomination
  • Next up in the highly, highly anticipated Terminator Salvation in May which could see him go two for two in blockbusters

Arguments against:

  • He’d hate it. This is a man who virtually disappears when he doesn’t want to be seen. Getting splashed on the cover of People pretty much inviting women all up in his business, in his eyes, would be repellent
  • 2009 is actually a better year with Terminator and Public Enemies set to own the summer that could propel him to a possible 2010 Academy Award appearance
  • Even though he was completely exonerated from that ridiculous drama stirred up by his mother and sister, many only remember the scandal and didn’t bother to follow the story to the end. Some members of the MiniVan Majority probably still think he’s a violent man

ODDS: 20 to 1