TDK was the big winner last night as chosen by the People. Christian Bale, exquisite always, accepted on behalf of the film. He seemed a little pale. Even clammy. Or maybe that’s only because he skipped on the foundation. Of course he would skip on the foundation. It’s not like he’s Mario Lopez or anything.

Christian saluted Heath Ledger in his speech and all of them, Aaron Eckhart, Christopher Nolan, they seemed somber, humble, the few who actually appreciated the People, and later on Christian and Aaron were spotted catching up in a corner, talking quietly, hugging when they said goodbye. Aaron is presenting at the Globes this weekend.

By the way, have you seen Christian Bale’s acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards for Batman Begins? Watch this and try not to fall in love. We don’t get to hear his “real” voice enough. He is a lifetime, right?

Christian Bale Movie Awards 2006