Christian Bale. One of the most sought after actors, matinee idol good looks, chooses not to take his career down a certain path, not a famewhore, devoted to his wife, doesn’t sell out, for all those who keep making excuses for celebrities, blaming the paparazzi for lack of privacy – it is possible, you see, not to be one of them. Christian Bale is a great example.

As such, there really is no “game”, no contrivance, no carefully crafted, PR-approved message. Case in point, here’s what he said at the 3:10 to Yuma premiere the other night when asked about working with Russell Crowe:

"Everyone said, "Man, you"re going to have a tough time." And I thought, "Bring it on! Come on, buddy, give me the best you got!" "I tell ya, he was the easiest damn guy I"ve ever worked with. He was so simple. We got along so well, and he just appreciates people who know what they"re doing - that"s it. He"s a good guy."

Most publicists would have cringed. Because while intending to be complimentary of his co-star, Christian is essentially openly acknowledging how many people hate Russell and are sending warnings against him. So while Russell might be flattered, he’s probably also like… who’s talkin’ sh-t behind my back?

It’s the small things that make him perfect. Christian Bale is perfect. And quit appealing for him on the Freebie Five. Would one night be enough? And wouldn"t you want to talk? And walk? And more?  Christian Bale, like Johnny Depp, is a Lifetimer. He doesn"t belong on the Freebie Five.