Christian Bale and his wife Sibi last night at the premiere – look at him touching his lips. Touch my lips too!

He does have a lip thing, non? Like a lisp… much more pronounced as the Batman than as Bruce Wayne. The Batman… must be that I’m a comic book neophyte but throughout the film it was “The Batman”, always preceded by the “the”.

Anyway, back to his sexy little speech quirk – maybe it’s the mask pressing down on the lower part of his face, or maybe it’s deliberate, whatever… it’s all about the lips. The Dark Knight’s dark lips. Yum!

As for Christian’s current position on the Freebie Five…really it’s in honour of the film. Because Christian, like I’ve said too many times before about Johnny Depp, with Christian it’s the Lifetime List. It’s forever. It’s more than a smashed headboard and an unforgettable sleepless evening…because he loves his wife SOOO much. The craziest thing to say, but I want to marry him because he loves his wife SOOOO much.

Make sense?

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