Um, Christian Bale and Natalie Portman look SUPER HOT as a couple, right? I’m so excited to see him look like himself in a movie - not scowling, not dying, not drug-addicted and emaciated but ordinary, and smiling.

Anyway, about last night at the Movie Awards - in case you missed it, they played a Dark Knight retrospective and included a few scenes with Heath Ledger and then Bale took the microphone and could not contain his emotions.

Needless to say, some of you were all swoony about his public emoting. I’m a dumb c-nt though so, to tell you the truth, I was more uncomfortable than horny. When people cry on tv, or generally in front of a group, my go-to reaction is usually embarrassment. Also people need to stop crying at work.

Where Christian Bale is concerned, I do believe that he is A Sensitive Artist who has no filter. That lack of filter manifested itself in this case on stage at the Movie Awards in a sweet moment of tribute to a fallen comrade. But what is that expression... two sides of the same coin? Kind of appropriate actually when you consider the Batman and the Joker, because that which moved Bale to tears last night is also what moves him to lose his sh-t on set when someone gets in his sightline, resulting in, well, we’ve all heard his rant, right? That infamous rant is the fraternal twin of what happened last night at the Movie Awards. It all lives so close to the surface for Christian Bale. And it all depends where that intensity is directed. For every time he breaks down in tears, there may be a tantrum the next day, followed by a love connection right after.