Dude. Bale. Chill.

You know I love him, but there’s “art” and then there’s plain manners.

So Christian last summer was working on Terminator Salvation. The DP walked onto the set to check the light or something and f-cked up the shot, screwing up his scene. Apparently Bale can’t handle when the magic is messed with. Like he’s in a zone and gets distracted and it’s like you’re pissing on his mojo. He lost his sh-t. And they were rolling. And now the audio has been publicly released.

For us non-thespians, it’s a major overreaction. People like Philip Seymour Hoffman however will probably defend him. Actually, PSH will totally defend him. Word is PSH has a meltdown if you’re in his eyeline.

Click here to listen to Christian go nuclear but mind your speakers. He cusses louder and more often than the Sopranos.

Embarrassing, non?

All this for a blow-em-up summer Terminator robot movie? Can you imagine if it had been Shakespeare?

I get it that he takes his job seriously. I don’t get it that his job is more important than being kind. Snap at the man, fine. But he went off for almost five minutes!

It’s an erection killer.


Please Christian. Make up for this at the Oscars.

Oh Jacquie S, are you sad?