I don’t think Christian Bale hates these events as much as, say, Tom Hardy does. But he never looks entirely comfortable either. Last night was probably as relaxed as I’ve seen him though. And that likely has a lot to do with the fact that he’s not a favourite. Just there as part of the team.

Christian lives in LA. He has two children. I forgot that he and his wife, Sibi, welcome a boy last year. They have a 10 year old daughter .It was so low key that I don’t know his name off by heart. And it’s my job to know this sh-t off by heart. I just had to look it up: it’s Joseph. I’m a blur today but I’m pretty sure Duana didn’t even write a name nerd post about it. And she for sure would have something to say about “Joseph”. But we totally blanked on it. Because you don’t have to make your kids a thing if you don’t want to. Even when your home is in Hollywood.