It seemed like an odd choice at first – especially since T3 was a total bust – that Christian Bale would turn to superhero family flicks instead of staying with the intensity that has defined his career.

But given what he’s accomplishing with the Batman franchise, the same dark hopes can certainly be applied to Terminator. And according to Entertainment Weekly, Christian is in final stages of talks to sign on as John Conner (Linda Hamilton’s son), a central figure in the new trilogy, working title for the first of the new three is Terminator Salvation: the Future Begins.

Producers for the film describe as follows why Bale the perfect Conner:

“This is kind of a messianic figure, somebody who"s really complex and unlike a robot. There"s this intense humanity. We feel like he really possesses that. He does have that incredible range. He can be that physical active guy that also has a lot of heart. The audience needs to empathize with him. There"s probably not any better actor for that role."

True. And he’s gorgeous. And sort of looks like a better version of a grown up Edward Furlong. Here’s Christian last month at the premiere 3:10 to Yuma. Swoon. And like Johnny, NOT Freebie Five but Lifetime, yes?

As for whether or not Ah-nold will be returning – if anything, only for a cameo. They are moving on. Shooting to begin in March in Australia or Hungary.

Of course the most highly anticipated release of 2008 has to be The Dark Knight. Wicked poster attached. They say Heath’s Joker is the most frightening iteration of the character…ever. Judging by the makeup, it’s hard to argue.

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