Premiere of Terminator Salvation last night: Eric Dane, Christian Bale with wife Sibi, and rising star, also soon to be a member of my Freebie Five – meet Sam Worthington.

They say he’s next.

They say it is his year.

Because after going head to head with Bale in Salvation, Sam will front the highly anticipated Avatar from James Cameron due for a holiday 2009 release. The woman on his arm is Natalie Mark. He’s shown up with her on a few carpets now. Yeah the fringe is a little extra. Just saying.

Salvation of course was directed by McG. Like, he walks around and people call him McG. If you recall, McG and Michael Bay were boyfighting a few months ago over their projects. Bay said McG was copying him, McG told Bay to jump up his ass.

Terminator Salvation hits theatres May 21. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen is due out June 24.

PS. Just realised I wrote absolutely nothing about Eric Dane. Didn’t see any photos with his wife. Wonder why.

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