Christian Bale called it a “make out” last night during the Critics’ Choice Awards when he was named Best Actor in a Comedy and kissed Adam McKay and other producers at the table on the mouth before getting up on stage to collect his trophy. He also looked great in all black.

There was another Christian Bale headline that was making news this weekend though. According to Deadline:  

Christian Bale is reluctantly getting out of the driver’s seat on Michael Mann’s long-gestating Enzo Ferrari. The shape-shifting actor is stepping aside after health concerns over the weight gain necessary to play the iconic carmaker. Bale, who has yo-yo’d throughout his career between extreme weight loss and gain – compare his emaciated turn in The Machinist to his button-busting fatso in American Hustle – appears to have finally bitten off more than even he could chew. The start date of spring this year was simply too soon for the Big Short actor to get that out of shape again.

As noted in that report, Christian, in the past, hasn’t exactly been averse to tormenting his body for a part and getting super meta in the role. That’s basically his trademark. And they all get off on that. They all get off on that storyline. Look how I suffered for this role. Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jake Gyllenhaal… it’s a familiar song heard, especially this time of year.

You could say Christian is older now, he has to be more careful with the extremes. Sure. But it’s also hard to believe from this actor in particular who lives by the extreme and disappears into his character. Is that why this story isn’t going down as smoothly for me?