Final press push in North America for Terminator Salvation in advance of its release this weekend. You have to wonder, the publicity/marketing/media strategy – what would it have been like had that tape not leaked?

Anyway, it was Good Morning America today and he arrived with his wife Sibi. Sibi is always with him. It’s very endearing.

As for his performance in Salvation, everyone I’ve talked to coming out of it says it’s rather stilted. And he uses his Batman voice. Then of course there’s Sam Worthington. Completely steals the movie. Completely overshadows the Bale. Big star in the making. Suppose it makes sense then.

Originally Bale’s character was supposed to be less significant anyway, and Worthington’s the story’s focus. Bale insisted on expanding John Connor after rejecting McG’s approach that he play the role of Marcus. Marcus instead went to Worthington, Worthington onscreen is now eclipsing Bale.

Can’t wait to see it when I get home.

Photos from Doug Meszler/