Sorry…can’t stop griping. Christian Bale should totally play Henry in The Time Traveller’s Wife. Eric Bana, whatever.

But here he is last night at the premiere of 3:10 to Yuka with his wife Sidi. And as picture perfect as they look here, they are even more so in person. Not for the cameras but behind them. Ran into them last year at TIFF, he was promoting Rescue Dawn. Plain as day – he adores her. Totally totally adores her. They want privacy and shockingly enough, they actually live privately. Can you imagine? So private that the name of their child is still not widely, if at all, known. Crazy, non?

As you know, Christian has been working on The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger. Wonder if his example has rubbed off positively on his co-star who, in terms of clean living and commitment, is apparently the exact opposite? Doubtful.