They were married when she was just 24. And marriage is hard enough without the craziness of celebrity. That they made is this far is an achievement. After all, with baby, that period post-partum, they’ve had their challenges.

Us Weekly
is reporting exclusively that Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman are over. Apparently, like Cox and Arquette, it’s been a few months now. They’re working out their money and custody issues, probably in that order.


Oh don’t forget, she may not have imploded as spectacularly as Britney Spears but it’s not like they’re not the same in that way. They grew up in that fame bubble. They’re nuts. And there’s boredom and unquenchable curiosity and boundary issues and temptation and particularly for her right now that fear that she’s over, that in the age of Lady Gaga, there might not be any room for her anymore.

What are the odds of success in maintaining a marriage in the face of all that?

Nothing like a new flirtation anyway to invigorate a career. And save it with the lack of compassion accusation. She sold her wedding and baby photos. I mean, isn’t that the game we’re playing here?

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