Christina Aguilera was in New York yesterday to debut her fragrance Inspire. Celebrity colognes always confound me. First – who’s dumb enough to believe these people actually use their own sh*t? And second – they may look better than we do, but do they smell better than we do? Really?

As far as Christina is concerned, why would you want to smell like someone who needs grey shadow to fill in her brows?

Any shade of brown? Of course. Black? A bit severe, but sure. Grey? You need to badly f&ck up your own colouring and bleach out your own hair to require a grey brow fill.

This is Christina Aguilera. All platinum and tits on various occasions around the city, capping off her evening out for dinner with her husband Jordan. By all accounts, the two have managed to regroup following a bout of recklessness that thankfully did not result in any lasting damage.

Word is it’s important for him to keep her busy and motivated, especially when she gets that gleam in her eye, not unlike the one you see here.

What is it with these Disney kids?

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