She announces her divorce. Then hooks up five minutes later with her very own Kevin Federline who was an assistant on the set of Burlesque and now they’re inseparable... and somehow she manages to escape the cheater slap. How?

Some would say that Christina’s people strategised well.

Others would say because, well, no one cares about her anymore.


I’m with door #2.

I find also that I can barely look at her anyway. It’s a mess. Her face is f-cked. Her hair, check it, the braid in Germany yesterday continuing to promote Burlesque, it’s a mess. Everything looks cheap and used, off balance, everything she wears seems dirty, like it’s been borrowed from Britney Spears....Can we just say it out loud?

Christina Aguilera is really really unattractive right now. I mean sh-t, it’s the worst it’s ever been.

Also this man, this Matt Rutler, and these men, these Rutlers and Eric Johnsons...

They can just drop their lives? They can just drop everything and travel around the world with a meal ticket, all expenses paid, and that’s ok? No one else finds this troubling?

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