I admit…I was a Britney. Sure Christina had more raw talent and the better voice but still, Britney had that “It”.

“IT”, unfortunately, turned out to be dumb as f&ck and lazy as ass. Meanwhile, the best will always prevail. Which is why Christina Aguilera has so gracefully evolved her career. From pop tart to sex rebel to wife and pending mother… I love it all.

Here she is shopping yesterday, refusing to publicly acknowledge her pregnancy with an announcement but, as opposed to Nicole Richie, not deliberately exploiting it either. She looks healthy and fresh, all over the cut of her jeans, and that hat… must must must have that hat. Been looking for a hat like that for months. Tried on a Eugenia Kim a few weeks ago at Kiss & Makeup kissandmakeup.ca. Was gorgeous with a beautiful brown satin sash like a belt around the band, but an inch too high on the top, especially for a short stubby Asian. A good hat is hard to find. The search continues.