Last night on The Voice, Christina Aguilera did a spoof of different pop stars auditioning to be a judge (she is of course a judge on the show). She played Cher, Miley, Sia, Shakira, Lady Gaga and the one everyone is talking about, Britney Spears.

Britney and Christina go way back; they started in the Mickey Mouse Club together and Britney exploded just as Christina was coming on to the scene. Christina has always played second fiddle to Britney—not even a diehard Xtina fan could argue that.

And are there are a lot of diehard Xtina fans (not including Twitter nutters)? Sure Christina has the vocal prowess that Britney lacks, but Britney undeniably had the It. And that It has sustained her for years and years, even though her live performances slipped long ago and her public persona went through a major crisis. Christina has an epic voice, for sure, and over the years, has been more “together,” at least publicly, but she doesn’t get a quarter of the love that Britney gets. Everyone cheers for Britney. Christina is like… oh yes she’s talented, definitely. But there’s just not that level of tangible affection and devotion for her.

Really, she’s just not that culturally relevant. People watch The Voice but can someone please tell me the name of a winner, or what happens to them after the show? Yes Christina’s had big classic hits – Beautiful and Genie in a Bottle and Dirrty – but Britney’s had more. Christina’s last album was…? She was the third wheel to the Britney/Madonna kiss. And it must feel so terribly unfair to Team Christina.

Imagine going through your entire career as a backup option for someone who is less talented than you? It’s like Dreamgirls! Christina will always be defined by Britney – Christina can only be a first name when she’s in the same sentence as Brit. Britney, on the other hand, is one name. Mariah, Madonna, Cher, Britney. You know who I’m talking about. Christina, you have to think about it for a second.  She is the one who will always need a qualifier. A conversation about Christina inevitably circles back to Britney.

And that’s why Christina is imitating Britney, and not the other way around. When you put your hair in pigtails and tie your shirt up and become instantly recognizable, it’s Britney who wins, not Christina. Some are calling the imitation “cruel”; I don’t think it’s particularly mean-spirited but I do think it’s slightly bitchier than the other characters she’s spoofing (although clearly it’s all in jest). Gaga had to be carried in and has some weird accent; Shakira is long winded; Miley is a hyper hillbilly; Sia falls asleep behind her wig; Cher thinks Adam Levine is her accountant; Britney asks dumb questions. It’s all meant to be funny. Right?

Christina is smart and she knows that people will talk. She tweeted right after “This was so fun! Fun tribute to those I love & admire. XoXtina”. And the one most are going to be talking about is Britney Spears, because whenever people get the chance to talk about her, they will. Do you think after all these years Christina has accepted that, and even appreciates being the less scrutinized of the two? Does it hurt more to get beat by someone you think is a little dim? And do you think it still chaps her ass as much as it did when they were 20?