It’s that f-cking thing on her shoulder that’s the same colour as her hair so when I first starting going through the images and pulled this up I recoiled in horror because I actually thought Phoebe Price tried to crash the event with a ventriloquist dummy.

It is NEVER A COMPLIMENT if I’m mistaking you for Phoebe Price. It is a serious concern if whatever adorns you looks like a creepy talking puppet.

Here is Christina Hendricks bringing some wonderfully luscious breast action to the Met only to spoil them with that... thing. Ruined a great motorboating fantasy, Sapphic style.

Also the makeup sucks. Makes her look old and harsh or something that crawled out of a Perkins to get f-cked by Tiger Woods on her period. Worst cheater taste. Very disappointing. Both.

Photos from and Johns PkI/Jen Lowery/