Many have remarked that the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue was not only too white, it was also too skinny. They’re all skinny. It’s the first thing almost everyone says upon meeting a celebrity. Tiny! And even more jarring when they change. I interviewed a young actress 3 years ago before she left for LA. She was normal person thin. Saw her recently and it’s sickening the difference. You head for Hollywood, you automatically stop eating.

Which is why Christina Hendricks is so remarkable. Somehow she’s managed to not be like them. And Mad Men deserves some credit for this too. In staying authentic to the aesthetics of that era, the show has encouraged a different body type. This is not to say she’s big – F-CK YOU New York Times (click here if you haven’t heard about the controversy) – but that she stands up for full figures in a town that prefers cocaine to curves.

This is Christina at the DGAs on Saturday. Yeah, those are some guns. But again, done in a way that isn’t skeezy. It’s possible. It’s the balance between the exposure up top and the longer length on the bottom. A simple accessory. A classy unfussy updo. She’s the textbook standard for tits without the crass.

And then yesterday, a much more casual Christina was photographed at the magazine stand. Really not feeling the denim on denim. But the way she fills out her jeans more than makes up for it. How refreshing to see a celebrity in skinnies without twiggy legs.

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