This gold dress is the kind of thing that fits my mental description of the type of dress that should be called a ‘wrapper’. You know?  “I threw on a wrapper and smoked a cigarillo.” Apparently the woman wearing my wrapper is a flapper .

Anyway, it’s a whole lot of gold, and while Ricci got love from me re: anything she does is cute, she can’t carry off this amount of dress the way a taller woman with a fuller figure could.     

It’s always the same for Christina, isn’t it? She’s consistently straddling the line between little-girl urchin and grown woman, and it’s rare that she actually lands somewhere in the middle. I wish she felt ambitious enough to get rid of the bangs and do something totally new, so that she could stop evoking every role she’s played since she was 17.

But then again, maybe she doesn’t want that. Christina’s hung on to the same level of fame for years. Maybe she gets something out of living the same thing over again – nothing changing, from her hair to her body. Lord knows it wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity tried hard to cling onto the past.