She works hard on this body. And the results are obvious. And she deserves it.

Because Christina Ricci used to be sickly skinny. Like near death skinny. And then it seems she got over it and accepted the body she was born with. Which is tight and toned and shapely, muscular legs, a tiny waist, full breasts, and a great f-cking ass.

Christina Ricci eats food and trains often. Perfect.

Here she is at the Inglourious Basterds premiere last night in what could have been the most unforgiving red dress. Amazing, right?

Christina is currently single having broken off her engagement to that really tall man. Professionally though it’s all good. A horror with Liam Neeson will be released next year and 3 other films are in post right now.

Christina Ricci can act. Yet another star Shelfy Biel has to contend with, get in line behind.

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