Christina Ricci and a new hair cut.

In theory, the idea of it, am all over it.

In practice, on the person, maybe not.

Her hairline starts too far back for a style like this, non? Gives her head an odd shape. Also, I don’t like how it curls under on the sides. Reminds me of a bowl cut. I was so proud of my bowl cut.

In 1979.

Having said that, you gotta give her snaps for trying something new, especially in generic ass Hollywood when, these days, everyone wants to look the same. We live very close to a high school and when they pour out of class for lunch hour or at the end of the day, each and every one is a Lauren Conrad/Ashley Tisdale/girl from 90210 lookalike. Even the Chinese/South Asian/non-white girls. And this is the worst part. Because now you know their beauty ideal.

Without giving anything away, there’s a scene from Precious that illustrates, albeit much more disturbingly, the same sentiment. It will f-cking break your heart.

Miguel Aguilar/