Look at her. Look at her trying her best to fill in for Victoria Beckham who did not attend the Met Gala this year. In her place then, the substitute Christina Ricci, posing as hard as we’ve ever seen her pose. Put it this way - Lea Michele was there last night and seemed almost casual by comparison.

I suppose it’s the dress. This is Thakoon. And I can’t hate it. There’s a lot of sh-t happening here, and it’s certainly busy, and I know most of you will hate it, but I can’t hate it, especially not at this event. I’ll have 100 of these at the Met Gala before Michael Kors.  

Because you know what this is?

This is the Met Gala gown equivalent of Princess Beatrice’s hat at Will and Kate’s wedding. Beatrice went for it. Ricci went for it. I’m not sorry that she did.