The Super Bowl dominated entertainment headlines for most of the weekend and, well, let’s face it – most people who read People don’t care about the Writers Guild Awards anyway.

Aaron Sorkin won the award for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Social Network. And Christopher Nolan won the Best Original Screenplay for Inception. Finally a victory for the overlooked Nolan, right? How did he celebrate? Well, he was all class.

Grateful, of course, obviously. But also …

He noted that The King’s Speech and Another Year were not eligible for nomination this year. So, in his mind, while happy to have been acknowledged, he also recognised that his work didn’t go up against a complete list of the best of the best. The Guild, you see, has certain guidelines and apparently The King’s Speech and Another Year didn’t meet those guidelines and were therefore not considered. Nolan experienced this himself when the same thing happened with Memento. Which is why his comments were appreciative but also fair. And funny too.

"There were some notables left off the list this year. I'm not going to name them, for fear that it boosts their chances at the other show. I hope next year the person who stands up here can give thanks without qualification."

Something tells me Nolan is on Team King as opposed to Team Facebook. Team King seems to be making a LOT of friends on the award season circuit right now. There was a party for The King’s Speech last night at the Chateau Marmont. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were there, along with a lot of other names, some fresh off the Oscar nominees’ luncheon, in support of Harvey Weinstein’s campaign train. That bitch had this called all along. Sony’s gotta pick their sh-t up if they want to get back into this game.

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