Christy Turlington and Ed Burns last night at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… breathtaking Christy. Wow.

Would be a good couple to test my Celebrity Baby Theory on. For those new to the site, the Celebrity Baby Theory works as follows:

Hot + hot = Ugly
Hot + average = Fairly attractive
Average + Average = Hot
Horse face stars + gay husbands = Cute
Hot + Ugly = Ugly
Average + Ugly = Uglier
Ugly + Ugly = Donatella Versace

I’m not going to name the specific children. You know who they are. And I wonder if the gods blew their load creating Christy’s face to have anything left over for her kids, you know what I mean? Besides, Cindy Crawford has already cornered the supermodel exception to the theory.

Can the Burns kids escape the formula too?

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