Christy Turlington attended the Modelinia Beautiful Friends Forever Bracelets event in NY yesterday to Benefit Save The Children.

We debate a lot about who’s had what done and how etc etc etc and we disagree on a lot too but can we agree to agree all the time, every single day that this is all natural and perfect? Always? I will FIGHT you on it. Because she is unquestionably flawless. Which is a word that’s tossed around all too often and is only actually applicable in very few cases. Christy happens to be one of them.

I love everything that’s happening here. Her skin, her hair, her easy style, that it probably took 5 minutes to get ready, because she doesn’t care that much and because she doesn’t need much, if at all. And then of course my train of thought is this:

Christy is married to Edward Burns. Bono walked her down the aisle. Bono and U2 are opening TIFF tonight. Sadly I was not assigned to that carpet.

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