Happens to a supermodel.

It’s a testament to Christy’s undisputed gorgessity that her face remains unaffected. Because when most of us wear bad hair, everything else goes to sh*t too.

But still…

Not even Christy Turlington can pull off this half mullet.


This is Christy yesterday at the FilmAid International Power of Film Gala last night in New York with locks that belong on a head to toe denim-clad chainsmoking gravel voiced hick from a bumf&ck small town with missing teeth minding a corner store alongside a husband who might be her brother. And that dress makes it worse.

Not sweet.

Especially not compared to how she looked the night before at the Food Bank event in black dress with black boots and her hotness of a husband.

Of course when a supermodel looks bad, it’s really all relative. Even with bad hair, Christy Turlington is still more beautiful than most of us will ever, ever, ever be. Bitch.

Photos from Wenn.com