I put the almost in there because inevitably someone will be like, no, Lainey, I’m sure she’s wearing x, y, or, z. And fighting with you is not the point of his post. The point of this post is that she’s not DONE. I can’t see eyeliner. I do however see lines. Because she’s not 14 or 24. Christy Turlington is 44. She seems to be totally ok with it. And I feel like she’ll be totally ok with being 54 when it happens. And 64 too. Without fighting it. Without having to show up at Macy’s and worried about it because she doesn’t have makeup on.

I’ve been asking my producers on The Social if I can go without makeup for an episode. This is my dream. Why? Partly it’s the Lena Dunham factor. We need to get used to seeing “other” so that we “other” becomes part of the standard. But it’s not all lofty, my rationale. Mostly, to be honest, it’s because I’m lazy and selfish. Putting on makeup takes 20 minutes away from my blog. I could use those 20 minutes. Like, if we could all walk around in pyjamas and no makeup, can you imagine how much time that would save? And how much we’d get done? And how much more efficient we’d all be?

Also, in my opinion, makeup makes people look OLDER.