If you’ve been visiting my blog for long enough, you know how devoted I am to Christy Turlington. And she was just named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential for 2014 in the Icon category, recognised for her work as an “ambassador for maternal health”. Turlington’s piece was written by Melinda Gates. Click here to read it.

God she is lovely, isn’t she? Maybe even one of the loveliest of all time.

How did it she do it without coming off sanctimonious, unrelatable, without any sneering, without attracting cynicism. Few are able to manage that with such grace. And so quietly too. Maybe that’s the difference. So many celebrities go about their philanthropic efforts …unsuspiciously. You know what I mean? We’ve been conditioned to look for ulterior motives everywhere. But never with her.

Christy and Edward Burns stepped out last night at the Tribeca Film Festival. Now how do you get tired of looking at that? She’s exquisite.