Shannon demanded I write about this, so how could I not? Wanton, probably very drunk, horny as all hell - check out this clip of Cindy Crawford dancing dirty on who I presume is her husband. Fierce!!! It"s a glorious display not only because she"s making my loins quiver, and I don"t normally love muff, but because if you can"t look like her - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous - you can certainly groove like her. And what"s better than a 40 year old woman still makin" it sex-ay? You see gossips? It"s not just the 20 year olds who can turn a crank and make it throb. All you need is a bikini, maybe a pole, a "come f&ck me" expression, to go along with a set of "come f&ck me" moves, and it"s alllllll good. Video from