Did I mention I got another job? I’m still blogging here, of course. And working as a reporter for etalk and one of the hosts of The Social. Now though I’m also a monthly columnist for FLARE Magazine. My first column is featured in the new issue and it’s about selfies, specifically a self selfie challenge to take a month’s worth of them without manipulation/filter or retries. Which is how I ended up in a bra and tights showing off my muffin top in a national magazine. Click here to read the article.

My point is that if you exist on social media, you are developing a personal brand. You curate your brand. Through technical adjustment and omission. And that final product becomes a version of the truth that you then have to keep trying to support.

That brings us to Blake Lively. Who made her first public appearance last night at NY Fashion Week after giving birth to daughter James somewhere around 6 weeks ago. You’ll note, all the headlines are about how quickly she got her body back. And if you’re a mother and you don’t have your body back, well, does that make you feel like sh-t? What would you think if you knew that she’s doubling up on full body Spanx underneath that dress? Or is the point of Spanx to never have to admit that you wear Spanx?

By contrast, look at what Cindy Crawford just did…

This is from the new issue of MARIE CLAIRE, no retouching. Even though she’s currently promoting Cindy’s Essentials, a new organic meal delivery service. Beyonce is launching one of those too. Can you see Beyonce doing the same?

Click here to read more about Cindy in MARIE CLAIRE.