The Italian Queen ran errands in a Porsche the other day. A Porsche is Jacek’s dream. Every time we drive by a Carrera it’s like he has to rub one out. Too bad for him, he’s not dating George Clooney. But these days Elisabetta Canalis is living large.

The Washington DC Critics Association just named Clooney Best Actor and his movie Up in the Air as Best Film and so his campaign continues to roll forward, just as he’s enjoying a new relationship, as the whitewashing of his girl rolls along.

Now it’s Cindy Crawford supposedly speaking up and the Italian press is reporting that she says Ely is The One. The translation is hilarious:

"According to Cindy Crawford, ElisaBRUTTA is the right woman. The right woman to clean your apartment? No! The right one to marry George Clooney!"

Doesn’t seem like they like her so much over there even though her dad has been yapping too,directly addressing whispers that Ely has been hired as Clooney’s companion:

Contrary to crises, contrary to reports of dalliances with Seedorf, Canalis is getting closer and closer to Clooney. At least according to what the showgirl's father told the (tabloid weekly) Oggi. "My daughter is happy and peaceful/content" says professor Canalis "whoever speaks of contracts/agreements between Ely and George says it to provoke a response.But it won't work. Between my daughter and Clooney there is only sincere affection. Elisabetta would never agree to do something that she didn't believe in deeply. And she would never do something only for the sake of being "calculating". It's just not in her." About Clooney, her father says "My wife met George this summer and since then we're all the more tranquil. As I felt from the first time we met, he's a gentlemen and he's good, and he has managed to preserve for himself a sence of normalcy despite his fame. As for pregnancy and babies, he's clear "Becoming a grandfather would be a dream for me. My wife would go insane from pure joy."

Clooney? The One? And babies?

Oh la. Oh please.

Still…Ely appears to be moving right in. She adopted a dog on the weekend which can only mean there’s now a puppy running around casa George. Click here for the photos.

This bitch can PLAY.

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