Today is Cindy Crawford’s birthday. Might explain why she was carrying a bottle of tequila to a friend’s place yesterday – there is much to celebrate. Superficially, I mean. Because when I’m 43 and I look like this, and I can afford to have a skilled medical professional helping me, I’d be slamming back the tequila too. Well, maybe not tequila. I have a terrible gag reflex.

It’s unfair, non? Cindy’s 43, Halle Berry is turning 43 too, and we are not all created equal. Then again, rumour has it her husband cheats on her all the time. Perhaps this is the great tradeoff.

If you had a face and a body like this, would you accept infidelity? Don’t scoff before you think about it. You realise, especially in Hollywood, it’s a decision women are making every day.

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