As it goes with any theory, there are always exceptions. When it comes to my Celebrity Baby Theory, Cindy Crawford’s children obviously don’t apply.

The Celebrity Baby Theory is as follows:
Hot + hot = Ugly
Hot + average = Fairly attractive
Average + Average = Hot
Horse face stars (SJP) + gay husbands = Cute
Hot + Ugly = Ugly
Average + Ugly = Uglier
Ugly + Ugly = Donatella Versace

Cindy Crawford is indisputably gorgeous. Her husband Rande Gerber is a hunk. And their children should have been f&ck ugly. Instead… well…. their children turned out flawlessly. Like literally flawless.

Here’s Cindy at the premiere of High School Musical 2 the other night with son Presley and daughter Kaya. Look at the bone structure. Look at the noses, the shape of their faces, their almond shaped eyes, and perfect rose bud mouths - you couldn’t draw it any better. They are angels.


And if you’re about to email me and tell me he looks like a girl with his hair etc – suck it and save your energy. He"s beautiful. Period. I don"t believe in whatever it is you"re going to write and I happen to love little boys with long hair. Get over it.