Claire Danes and husband Hugh Dancy went out last night in New York to the Miscast 2011 MCC Theatre Annual Musical Spectacular Gala. I love the dress. Looks great. Not sure if I’m feeling how the black tights bleed right into the shoes though. And her hair. Too… brassy? Something. It makes her look older than she is. Which is only 31. I mean, if you didn’t know, wouldn’t you put it at at least over 35?

Coming off her triumphant turn playing Temple Grandin for HBO, Claire has wrapped on the pilot for a Showtime series called Homeland. She plays a CIA agent investigating the return of a missing soldier who may or may not be an undercover terrorist. Feels kinda Jodie Foster-y. So I guess we won’t be seeing the lip quiver very much. It’s been so long.

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